Signbite : Hanging out in the Dam : May 17, 2011

It was a little bit grey while we were in Rotterdam, with the sun breaking out a few times. But it didn’t take much for the locals to hit the parks for a bit of sun. Here are a few tidbits of the Vibe of Rotterdam.

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Rotterdam. Bikes, bikes, bikes.
Rotterdam. Officially called Santa Clause, unofficially called the Buttplug Gnome. Apparently it is a christmas tree, not a buttplug...
Rotterdam. The urban beach in Het Park.
Rotterdam. Dirty feet and otters.
Rotterdam. Lunch on the boat, tough job.
Rotterdam. Graffiti.
Rotterdam. The dutch seem to be keen on miscellaneous sculptures.
Rotterdam. Orange Stand.
Rotterdam. Not so subliminal messages.
Rotterdam. The slushie man.
Rotterdam. I like the intention here.
Rotterdam. What are we trying to say here?
Rotterdam. Rock climbing nerds.