Signbite : Pathe Cinemas : May 17, 2011

Koen van Velsen what were you thinking. This is potentially the ugliest “designed” building I have seen. It was finished in 1992, same as Rem’s Kunsthal – this one hasn’t stood the test of time. It’s shape is ungainly, its colour can’t really be called a colour – it just looks dirty and its signage looks stuck in 1992. Don’t even ask me what is going on with the random cut-out of the black and white movie stars on the corner. Knock it down!!

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Pathe Cinemas Rotterdam.
Pathe Cinemas Rotterdam. Got this one from - thought maybe someone else might be able to make the building look better. I don't think so. Bluck.
The circus that was being held in the forecourt tried desperately to liven up the ugliness.