Signbite : Downtown Cincinnati : Cincinnati : December 15, 2012

Downtown Cincinnati seemed a bit of a mish mash to be honest. There was the Zaha designed Centre for Contemporary Art which looked totally out of place – less in place in fact than the colourful Cadillac Ranch Restaurant. There was a strange fountain, some stalls selling ‘Chili’ or what seemed to be Spaghetti Bolognese and a lot of business people lining up for their salad boxes at lunchtime. I’m sure we were missing something….

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Free Sliced Pizza Day, Cincinnati.
Theatre street, Cincinnati.
Hats, Cincinnati.
The upmarket Cincinnatian, Cincinnati.
Baseball, Cincinnati.
Chili, Cincinnati.
Fountain, Cincinnati.
Cadillac Ranch, Cincinnati.
Centre for Contemporary Art by Zaha Hadid, Cincinnati.