Case Studies : Bell Lightbox Theatre : Toronto : January 15, 2013
Main ID Signage, TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre, Toronto.

David Gibson suggested our visit to the Bell Lightbox Theatre in Toronto. It is a building that has been transformed in part by the signage, designed by Gottschalk & Ash, as the home of the Toronto International Film Festival. Read more >>

Case Studies : American Sign Museum : Cincinnati : December 16, 2012
American Sign Museum, Cincinnati.

When we were designing our route for the Decorating the Duck trip we discovered that the American Sign Museum was….sort of on the way…. Read more >>

Case Studies : Carriageworks Arts Centre : Sydney : September 8, 2012
Carriageworks. Decals mimic heritage sticket stamp shapes.

Carriageworks is undeniably one of Sydney’s most awesome spaces. And some lovely red letters to boot. Read more >>

Case Studies : The Lincoln Centre : New York City : July 31, 2011
The Lincoln Centre. David Rubenstein Atrium.

It’s not easy to get into the buildings of the Lincoln Centre. We were booked into a tour that cost us $15, Read more >>

Case Studies : Duke on 42nd Street. : New York : July 27, 2011
New and other 42nd Street.

After one missed appointment via jetlag, we made it to the New 42nd Street Studios amidst the hustle and bustle of the theatre district. Read more >>

Case Studies : Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Centre : Reykjavik : June 14, 2011
Harpa. Prismatic facade.

With the icy wind whipping in our faces we headed walked the few minutes from our apartment to Harpa – the new and controversial Concert Hall on the Reykjavik waterfront. Read more >>

Case Studies : Casa da Musica : Porto : May 30, 2011
Casa da Musica.

Wow. If anything were to re-inspire me as an architect – this is it. Read more >>

Case Studies : Stuk Leuven : Leuven : May 23, 2011

Our trip out to Stuk in Leuven proved to be a highly educative experience – potentially more in architecture itself, than in decorating it. Read more >>

Case Studies : Mezz Theatre, Breda : Breda : May 14, 2011
Mezz Theatre Breda

After enjoying the change in road systems from the German to the Dutch, we drove fairly smoothly into Breda Read more >>

Case Studies | Signbite : Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz : Berlin : May 8, 2011
Schaubuhne am Lehniner Platz

I was shamelessly attracted to the Schaubühne’s modern come retro major identification signage. Read more >>

Case Studies : Divadlo Archa : Prague : May 7, 2011
Divadlo Archa. Decals.

We met up with Pavlina, the PR for the Divadlo (theatre) Archa, on a bone chilling day in Prague. Read more >>

Case Studies : TAP Poitiers : Poitiers : April 29, 2011
TAP Poitiers, France.

We took the train from Paris to Poitiers, only to discover that Pierre no longer works there. Read more >>

Case Studies : Platoon Kunsthalle : Seoul : April 22, 2011
Platoon Kunsthalle.

Platoon Kunsthalle is not a theatre in the traditional sense. But who can resist a cultural institute and Read more >>

Case Studies : Melbourne Theatre Company & Recital Centre : Melbourne : November 18, 2010

Designed by Melbournes very own wacky architects, ARM, the Melbourne Theatre Company Read more >>