Signbite : Hanging in Haleiwa : Hawaii : May 6, 2013
Haleiwa Joes. Hale'iwa, Hawaii.

On our stay in Oahu, we were based near Hale’iwa on the North Shore. The North Shore is home to surfing’s most famous beaches and snow cones. Hale’iwa the town, is charming and just a little bit dusty. Read more >>

Signbite : Honolulu Backstreets : Honolulu : May 6, 2013
Leonard's Bakery. Honolulu, Hawaii.

Waikiki, is not all shiny shops and mai tais – there is some real grit, some real classics in the backstreets. Here is but a taste Read more >>

Signbite : SEGD Conference Design Improv : Montreal : January 16, 2013
Design Improvisation. SEGD Conference 2011, Montreal.

Everyone was a winner at the brilliant Improvisation event at the SEGD Diversity Conference. The challenge was for teams of 4 or 5 to create the best politically themed amusement park. Read more >>

Signbite : Chicago Theatre District : Chicago : January 15, 2013
McDonalds mimics the Oriental, Chicago Theatre District

The Chicago Theatre has possibly the world’s most recognised theatre marquee sign, is an “unofficial emblem of the city” and appears frequently in film and television. Read more >>

Signbite : Andy Warhol Museum : Pittsburgh : December 15, 2012
Exhibition. Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.

Decorating the Duck are HUGE Andy Warhol fans. Needless to say he was a huge influence on the way we view commercial images in an artistic context. Read more >>

Signbite : Cheesesteak City : Philadelphia : December 15, 2012
Pat's King of Steaks. Philadelphia, USA.

Philadelphia’s local food icon is the cheesesteak. For the record, Robert Venturi has never eaten a cheesesteak as he is a vegetarian. Read more >>

Signbite : Pittsburgh Ramble : Pittsburgh : December 15, 2012
Views over the City of Bridges, Pittsburgh.

We felt a bit like tourists in Pittsburgh. Read more >>

Signbite : Downtown Cincinnati : Cincinnati : December 15, 2012
Free Sliced Pizza Day, Cincinnati.

Downtown Cincinnati seemed a bit of a mish mash to be honest. Read more >>

Signbite : Chipplingfern Ramble : November 25, 2012
'Three Proud People' a copy of the famous black power salute photo celebrating civil rights freedom began it's life as graffiti and is now heritage listed. Location - Terrace wall next to Macdonaldtown Station.

This ramble began near Macdonaldtown Station and ended at the Halo site near the corner of Broadway and Abercrombie Street Read more >>

Signbite : Little Quacker : Sydney : November 25, 2012
Little Quacker.

Welcome back to Decorating the Duck! While you have all been eagerly awaiting the next daily quack I have been busy procreating Read more >>

Signbite : Buon Gusto : Sydney : November 25, 2012
Buon Gusto.

Buon Gusto has been around for about 30 years. It used to be a bit of an institution around the university. Read more >>

Signbite : Halo : Sydney : November 25, 2012
Halo. By Turpin + Crawford Studio.

The area once occupied by the Carlton United Brewery is soon to become a grand scale urban redevelopment. Read more >>

Signbite : Eveleigh Markets : Sydney : September 8, 2012
Eveleigh Markets.

Each Saturday the hipsters and prams head to the Blacksmiths shed outside the Carriageworks for their weekly fix of organic. Read more >>

Signbite : The Town Bike Pit Stop : Sydney : September 8, 2012
The Town Bike Pit Stop.

This once questionable corner now houses a cute little bike repair shop / cafe. Read more >>

Signbite : Street Signs : August 6, 2011
Columbus & 59th, NYC.

Gotta love NYC street signs, ubiquitous, mostly ignored and so indicative of the way of life. Read more >>

Signbite : Shopfront Signs : August 6, 2011
NY Design Room on Bedford Ave, NYC.

More assorted delights from the NYC box of chocolates. Read more >>

Signbite : McDonalds : August 6, 2011
McDonalds, Broadway, NYC.

Is a surprisingly diverse experience in NYC.

Signbite : New Yorkers : August 6, 2011
A bit of luxury at the Lincoln Centre, NYC.

New York City wouldn’t be the same with New Yorkers – a special breed. Read more >>

Signbite : Deli’s, Diners & Dives : August 6, 2011
Momofuku Milk Bar. East 13th, NYC.

Self explanatory really – a few that caught our collective eye around town. Read more >>

Signbite : Central Park : August 6, 2011
Central Park, NYC.

On our last day in NYC we caught up with some sunshine, nature and sleep with a good old nap in Central Park. Read more >>

Signbite : Red Square Sign : August 6, 2011
Red Square, NYC.

This unnassuming apartment sign is apparently somewhat of a benchmark in the relationship between architecture and graphic design Read more >>

Signbite : Village East Cinema : August 6, 2011
Village East Cinema, NYC.

Just a little cinema with a big sign. We happened to walk past it on one of our circuitous wanders to see various things. Read more >>

Signbite : 117 Reservoir Street Duck Competition : August 4, 2011
Winning Duck by Maria Briganti, Oblong. 117 Reservoir Street Decorating the Duck Competition.

It was a hard fought competition, the prize of a Belgian Chocolate Duck and bottle of red wine spurring it along. Read more >>

Signbite : NY Times Building : July 31, 2011
New York Time Building.

I like this sign, I really is some of Pentagram’s best work. Read more >>

Signbite : Bryant Park : July 31, 2011
Bryant Park, New York City.

It’s a big call but – Bryant Park is in my top ten places in the world. Read more >>

Signbite : Museum of the Moving Image : July 31, 2011
Museum of the Moving Image. Exterior.

In a fairly unassuming part of Astoria, Queens behind the decorated doorfront of an old film studio building we find a wonderland. Read more >>

Signbite : Times Square : July 30, 2011
Times Square, New York City.

In New York, all roads seem to lead to Times Square and it’s neon tenticles seem to be stretching further and further. Read more >>

Signbite : Oyster Bar & Grand Central Station. : July 29, 2011
Oyster Bar, Grand Central Station.

Last time I was in New York I visited the Oyster Bar alone and somehow it just didn’t feel right to eat there alone. Read more >>

Signbite : Tacombi : July 29, 2011
Tacombi. New York.

Clearly Justin Hemmes has been to this place. Although I have to say that the Sydney version, with its contacted tables and $20 interior design budget Read more >>

Signbite : Highline : July 29, 2011
Highline. Art Installation by Kim Beck.

The Highline is truly an extraordinary urban intervention. The last time I went to NY this area of the Meat Packing District was disjointed and frankly, still a bit scary. Read more >>

Signbite : Coney Island Fun Park : July 10, 2011
Coney Island, NY.

The Coney Island Fun Park was always a bit shady. Now its shady in an extreme ‘derelique’ fashion. Read more >>

Signbite : Coney Island Freak Show : July 10, 2011
Coney Island Freak Show.

Oh dear. We were hoping for something a bit out there, a bit of exceptional kitsch Read more >>

Signbite : Museum of Arts and Design : July 10, 2011
Museum of Art and Design, NY.

The wayfinding and signage for MAD were designed by popular design firm, Pentagram. Read more >>

Signbite : Cooper Union : July 3, 2011
Cooper Union Building.

So it is a nice sign. Agreed. But everyone knew that already. Would be nice to be able to get INTO the building. Read more >>

Signbite : Katz Deli : July 3, 2011
Katz Deli.

Mmmmm….. Corned beeeeeef….what more needs to be said. Read more >>

Signbite : Williamsburg Bridge : July 3, 2011
Williamsburg Bridge.

Williamsburg Bridge is the lesser known bridge brother. Brooklyn usually gets the lead role but we were staying on the Lower East Side on Delancey Read more >>

Signbite : Perlan : June 15, 2011
Perlan, Reykjavik.

I don’t like over using this word – but ‘RANDOM!’ describes Perlan (the Pearl) pretty well….perched on top of a hill in Reykjavik…. Read more >>

Signbite : Ráðhús Reykjavíkur : June 14, 2011
Ráðhús Reykjavíkur, Reykjavik by Studio Granda.

Here’s one for all the serious architecture lover’s out there. Otherwise translated as Reykjavik’s City Hall – we visited the building on the advice of our Harpa tour guide, Hörður. Read more >>

Signbite : Blue Lagoon : June 14, 2011
Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik. En route to the lagoon. Is this earth?

This place is really quite indescribable… the surface of the moon. Pale electric white blue water, moon lava rocks, white silica face mud, steam rising into the crisp air outside of the warm water. Read more >>

Signbite : Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur : June 14, 2011
Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur. Lil' old stand by the water.

Bæjarins beztu pylsur, translated as “the best hotdog in town” is certainly the original and the best. In 2006 the UK’s the guardian chose it as the best hot dog in Europe. Read more >>

Signbite : Apartment K : Reykjavik : June 14, 2011
Apartment K Reykjavik. Stairwell - I want that chair!!

While it didn’t have the duck lamp I had seen in pictures, this place was very “design”. Read more >>

Signbite : Residencial Pão de Açúcar : May 30, 2011
Residencial Pão de Açúcar.

A simple pension with a good roof terrace and a great staircase. Read more >>

Signbite : CCBombarda : May 30, 2011
Centro Comercial Bombarda.

We fell across this place on our way to the Casa da Musica. Read more >>

Signbite : Paço de Arcos : May 29, 2011
Paço de Arcos, Portugal.

A small town outside of Lisbon where P-06 have their temporary studio Read more >>

Signbite : Living la vida Lisboa : May 29, 2011
Barrio Alto, Lisbon.

Without a better way to sort these into segments – here are some thoughts from Lisbon Centre. Read more >>

Signbite : Duck Roost Lisbon : May 29, 2011
Duck Roost, Lisbon, Portugal. Yes, that is our laundry!!

Another win for Airbnb – right in the heart of Lisbon. Read more >>

Signbite : Belem Bikeway : May 29, 2011
Belem Bikeway, Lisbon, Portugal. Sidewalk poetry. These words mimic the sounds of the traffic on the bridge above.

A great idea by P-06 Atelier to make a simple bikeway a destination. Read more >>

Signbite : Ijzer Metro : May 22, 2011
Metro Ijzer, Brussels.

We went into this metro just to get some general footage of the Brussels Metro and discovered a tactile accessible system unlike any I have seen before. Tactile indicators lead paths to ticket machines and the entrance. Read more >>

Signbite : Cartoon Corner : May 22, 2011
Brussels, Belgium. This arrow goes straight to the pool room!

Apparently the Belgians are wild about their comics – after all it is the home of the Smurfs and Tintin. Read more >>

Signbite : Pantone Hotel : May 21, 2011
Pantone Hotel. CC discovers coloured sugar.

It was pretty grey while we were in Brussels – so it was nice to have a bit of colour. Read more >>

Signbite : Rotterdam Civic Signs : May 17, 2011

Adding to my collections of civic signs.

Signbite : Dockyards : May 17, 2011
Dockyards, Rotterdam.

Just a little restaurant near our apartment, with a nice sign. Read more >>

Signbite : Hanging out in the Dam : May 17, 2011
Rotterdam. Bikes, bikes, bikes.

It was a little bit grey while we were in Rotterdam, with the sun breaking out a few times. Read more >>

Signbite : Rotterdam Metro : May 17, 2011
Rotterdam Metro. When McDonalds got rigid.

These are from a few different stations around the city. Read more >>

Signbite : Pathe Cinemas : May 17, 2011
Pathe Cinemas Rotterdam.

Koen van Velsen what were you thinking.

Signbite : Cube Houses : May 17, 2011
Cube Houses, Rotterdam.

There are millions of photos of Piet Blom’s cube houses on the internet…so these aren’t revolutionary – but tick – we’ve been. The backpacker’s and casino, now housed there don’t help in the maintenance of the building’s integrity. Read more >>

Signbite : De B’jenkorf : May 17, 2011
De B'jenkorf Department Store, Rotterdam.

Just a simple department store.

Signbite : Miscellaneous Architecture : May 17, 2011
Rotterdam. And of course the reflections.

I really don’t feel like we did (or could have done) Rotterdam’s architecture justice. Read more >>

Signbite : Erasmusbrug : May 17, 2011
Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam.

UN Studio’s Erasmusbrug (Erasmus Bridge), with its elegant stance, could be seen all over the city. Read more >>

Signbite : Hotel New York : May 17, 2011
Hotel New York, Rotterdam.

This was a seriously cool space, at the end of Wilheminaplein. Read more >>

Signbite : Lantaren Venster : May 17, 2011
Lantaren Venster Cinemas, Rotterdam.

We actually went to the Lantaren Venster to relax and see a movie Read more >>

Signbite : Cafe de Unie : May 17, 2011
Cafe de Unie, Rotterdam.

Cafe de Unie, is an interesting example of Environmental Graphic Design, before the term existed. Read more >>

Signbite : Hostel Room : May 17, 2011
Hostel Room, Rotterdam. The notorious stairs.

This was a great little hostel – despite the stairs and there is a long and rather disgusting tale that goes with the stairs. Read more >>

Signbite : Boijmans van Beuningen Museum : May 17, 2011
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.

The wayfinding of this museum were designed by renowned dutch Graphic Designers Mijksenaar, and the identity graphic designed by another renowned firm Thonik. Read more >>

Signbite : Kunsthal Rotterdam : May 17, 2011
Kunsthal Rotterdam. Directions from the city.

I have always been a big fan of Rem Koolhaas and OMA, and this building has featured in my influences right from first year architecture. Read more >>

Signbite : Graphic Design Museum : May 12, 2011
Graphic Design Museum, Breda, Netherlands.

The Graphic Design Museum in Breda is apparently the only dedicated Graphic Design museum in the world. Read more >>

Signbite : Miscellaneous Cologne : May 12, 2011
Cologne, Germany.

Cologne was a short stop over. We enjoyed their skinny glasses of beer and a lively atmosphere. Read more >>

Signbite : Duck Roost Cologne : May 12, 2011
Duck Roost Cologne. Dotty finds a friend.

Another lovely AirBnB place. Would have liked to stay longer. Dotty the Duck found a friend. Read more >>

Signbite : Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall : May 9, 2011
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany. View from Checkpoint Charlie to the currywurst and iPad.

Remnants of the past, contrast with some of the more commercial elements of the present. Read more >>

Signbite : Potsdamer Platz and Museum für Film und Fernsehen : May 9, 2011
Museum für Film und Fernsehen, Berlin, Germany. Mr Mallow does his best Metropolis impression.

We finally got to the film museum in Berlin on our morning of departure. Amazing poster graphics, of course Metropolis envy. Click on the small images at the right to see a slideshow. Read more >>

Signbite : Miscellaneous Charlottenburg : May 9, 2011
Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany. These small light cube numbers are typical on Berlin Apartments - this isn't a very good photo - but you get the idea, I hope. I looovve.

I had a bit of a chance to wander around Charlottenburg before visiting the Schaubuhne. Read more >>

Signbite : Miscellaneous Kreuzberg : May 9, 2011
Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.

We were staying with the wonderful Maevon in his lovely flat in Kreuzberg…so I had a bit of a wander around the streets to see what was happening. Click on the small images at the right to see a slideshow. Read more >>

Case Studies | Signbite : Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz : Berlin : May 8, 2011
Schaubuhne am Lehniner Platz

I was shamelessly attracted to the Schaubühne’s modern come retro major identification signage. Read more >>

Signbite : Miscellaneous Baden Baden : May 7, 2011
Baden Baden, Germany.

Signs around Baden Baden. A mix of traditional medieval and modernist functionalism. Read more >>

Signbite : Black Light Theatre : Prague : May 7, 2011
Black Light Theatre, Prague.

A touristy theatre in the heart of old prague. Read more >>

Signbite : John Lennon Wall : May 7, 2011
John Lennon Wall, Prague. I've never seen this done before - really well cut, helvetica foam as graffiti.

Once a normal wall, since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles songs. Read more >>

Signbite : Miscellaneous Prague : May 7, 2011
Miscellaneous Prague.

It was so cold here that photos were done with numb fingers, red faces and sometimes in the rain. Read more >>

Signbite : Palladium Shopping Centre : Prague : May 7, 2011

Well…its one way to put signage on an old building… Read more >>

Signbite : Baden Baden Civic Signs : May 4, 2011
Baden Baden, Germany.

Some fantastic road and municipal signs – many proving that pictograms don’t necessarily always cross language boarders. Read more >>

Signbite : Hotel Am Markt : May 4, 2011
Hotel Am Markt. Baden Baden, Germany.

We stayed in the Hotel Am Markt, just next to the Roman Baths. Clean, comfortable and with an amazing breakfast buffet. Read more >>

Signbite : Roland Garros : May 1, 2011
Roland Garros.

Some fairly conventional and a few interesting signs at the home of the French Open. Read more >>

Signbite : Cinémathèque Française : May 1, 2011
Cinémathèque Française.

Another of Mr Mallow’s unwitting finds.

Signbite : Musée du Quai Branly : May 1, 2011
Musée du Quai Branly.

Mr Mallow fell across this on his way to Roland Garros. The french do seem to like their glass and prints within, on. Read more >>

Signbite : Miscellaneous Paris : April 30, 2011
Paris. Old School.

Signs, signs, signs. From the Bastille mostly, and a few from around Chatelet. Read more >>

Signbite : Paris Neon : April 30, 2011
Miscellaneous Paris Neon Signs.

They don’t flash as much, and there aren’t as many as Las Vegas or Seoul, but Paris does some neon classic well. Read more >>

Signbite : Jardin des Tuileries : Paris : April 30, 2011
Jardin Des Tuileries.

In the glorious sunshine of our first day in Paris, we found some unexpectedly intersting signs at the Jardin des Tuileries. Lovely industrial zigzags, bended down to show us the directions. Read more >>

Signbite : Duck Roost 2 : Paris : April 30, 2011
Duck Roost 2: Bastille

Duck Roost 2 is in the lovely Bastille, slightly away from the Tourist stretch. The apartment is a amazing retro wonderland and would be perfect if it weren’t for the basketball team of kids in the apartment above who I could throttle right about now. I already have the broom out. Read more >>

Signbite : La Gaîté Lyrique : Paris : April 30, 2011
La Gaîté Lyrique. Signs highlighted by light.

This is the refurbishment of a traditional theatre in the centre of Paris by one of my favourite architects, Manuelle Gautrand. Read more >>

Signbite : Paris Duck Roost 1 : April 29, 2011
Duck Roost 1, Paris.

Our first stay in Paris. Superman – what more is there to say. I have never seen him more up close and personal. Read more >>

Signbite : Yeoungdongpo : Seoul : April 28, 2011
Yeoungdongpo. Neon, neon, neon!

We fell across this neon marketplace on our first night in Seoul. We had been directed to the department store and found this instead Read more >>

Signbite : Leeum Samsung Museum of Art : April 27, 2011
Samsung Museum of Art - Neon Art.

The various parts of this complex are designed by various famous architects including Rem Koolhaas. Have to say that it is much less impressive than the various pop skyscrapers designed by relatively unknown Korean architects. Read more >>

Signbite : Design Square : Seoul : April 27, 2011
Design Square. Decals.
I fell across Design Square on my venture to trendy Hongdae area near Hongik University. Great building. Lovely design features. It was a great retreat in the midst of Saturday morning madness. Read more >>
Signbite : Kring : April 27, 2011
Kring. Exterior.

This building is out of this world. It’s called a cross between a speaker and a swiss cheese Read more >>

Signbite : N Seoul Tower : April 27, 2011
N Seoul Tower. What a shot!

We ended up at N Seoul Tower via Lonely Planet’s Night Walk which should have been called the N Tower walk. While we were chilled to the bone and spent the vast majority of time waiting in cues – there was some fantastic modern signage here. Read more >>

Signbite : Urban Hive : Seoul : April 27, 2011
Urban Hive Seoul. Concrete polka dots and steel trees.

This building has been dubbed the “cheese grater” but I can tell you that it leaves Sydney’s boring modernist buildings for dead. Whatever “ism” this is – wonderful. Read more >>

Signbite : Seoul Metro : Seoul : April 27, 2011
Seoul Metro Pictograms.

Seoul Metro warrants a signage study in itself. We would have had millions of photos of signs had we ever had to wait more than about a minute for a train. Not always consistent, but mostly excellent and prolific signage for all users. Read more >>

Signbite : R Hotel : Seoul : April 22, 2011
R Hotel Exterior.

R Hotel (Rainbow Hotel) is a Korean Love Hotel that is Environmental Graphic central. Not sure why more people don’t stay here – it was eccentric, inexpensive and superbly clean. Read more >>

Signbite : Miscellaneous Melbourne : Melbourne : November 21, 2010
Merigold on Collins, Melbourne City Centre. Tucked away in a little doorway is this lovely Mosaiced entrance sign.

Some miscellaneous signage from our wanderings around Central Melbourne, St Kilda, South Yarra and Fitzroy. Read more >>

Signbite : Southbank : November 20, 2010
Riverside Quay, Melbourne.

Southbank has a few great signs. Bold and modern, lots of yellow. Read more >>

Signbite : Federation Square : November 20, 2010

Love it or hate it, Fed Square, at Melbourne’s epicenter, is a lively hub of activity and a nice place to stop. Here are some signs from around the building in general and the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (some of the signage here was designed by Buro North). Read more >>

Signbite : The Albany : November 19, 2010
The Albany, Melbourne.

We had aeroplanes on our bedhead and there were neverending mirrors. Read more >>

Signbite : Australian Centre for Contemporary Art : Melbourne : November 18, 2010
Heaven is a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens. Artist Nathan Coley.

I didn’t do an extensive tour of ACCA, and it was very dark so my iPod struggled with taking photos. But there are a few nice touches here – so just imagine the quality of the images is super. Also a great sign as artpiece out the front by Nathan Coley. Read more >>