Reykjavik, Iceland
Data Sheet

The locals say the weather in Reykjavik is “mild” – that is “somewhere between 10 and -10. When one thinks of a capital city, one imagines somewhat of a metropolis. Reykjavik has a population of 120,000 and the whole of Iceland is a mere 300,000. This time of year the sun never goes down, so central Reykjavik is party town with a lively, friendly atmosphere and despite the economic downturn here – there seems to be a positive, forward thinking energy. We hung out with some friendly locals whom I can’t spell the names of, who drank BIG beers, laughed loudly and talked politics unabashedly. Here, in our journey, we felt a slight change of pace, simply enjoying the frosty winds biting our faces, sleeping (sort of) in and wandering the landscape.

Apartment K Reykjavik. Stairwell - I want that chair!!
Apartment K
Harpa. Prismatic facade.
Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Centre